CmpE 523 - Performance Evaluation of Computer Networks                Spring 2010

Description: Introduction for computer networks performance evaluation. Modeling of traffic flows. Delay and loss models for computer networks. Networks of queues. Performance evaluation of multiple access methods and local area networks. Measurement and simulation of computer networks.

Instructor: Cem Ersoy, Room #: CmpE 44, Ext: 6861,,

Course home page:

Textbook: "System Modeling and Analysis: Foundations of System Performance Evaluation", Hisashi Kobayashi and Brian L. Mark, 2008, Pearson/Prentice Hall
Upper Saddle River, NJ 07458 ISBN-10: 0-13-034835-X  (Available in bookstore !)

Reference books on the performance evaluation of computer networks:

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Reference books on performance evaluation and queueing theory:

"Performance Evaluation of Communication Networks", G.N. Higginbottom, Artech House, 1998.

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Prerequisites: CmpE 475 or Background on "computer networks" or permission of the instructor.

Times: Tuesday (1,2,3) 9:00 - 11:50 Room: ETA A5


0. Overview of probability and stochastic processes used for the analysis of computer networks.
1. Introduction to computer networks and network architectures, LAN, MAN, WANs
2. Delay models in data networks: Queueing models, Little's theorem, M/M/1 queue
3. M/M/m, M/M/_, M/M/m/m and other Markov systems
4. M/G/1 queues, priority queuing
5. Networks of transmission lines. Networks of queues - Jackson's theorem
6. Midterm (13 April 2010, Tuesday)
7. Multiaccess communication: Satellite channels, multidrop lines, packet radio networks
8. Aloha systems: slotted and unslotted. Splitting algorithms. Carrier sensing
9. Local area networks: CSMA/CD and Ethernet, high speed LANs, wireless LANs
10. Quality of Service
11. Presentations of the term papers

Term paper: (due 25 May 2010, 17:00, Tuesday) A survey on a hot topic on computer networks which is assigned separately for each student.


5% +10% Homeworks and/or Quizzes
15% +5% Term paper and its presentation (tentative) (due 25 May 2010)
30% Midterm (13 April 2010)
40% Final (   June 2010 )