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Title of the Presentation

29 November 2006 Atay Özgövde Application Specific Lifetime Measurement for Wireless Sensor Networks
Gülfem Işıklar A Decision Strategy for Resource Allocation in Cellular Networks based on Operator's Marketing Preferences
6 December 2006 Şükrü Kuran Quality of Service in Mesh Mode IEEE 802.16 Networks
Muharrem Gün Lifetime Elongation in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Heterogeneity [ppt]
13 December 2006 Rabun Koşar Locating Bottleneck Areas for Partial Redeployment in Nonuniformly Deployed Sensor Networks
Ertan Onur Effects of Jamming in Wireless Sensor Networks [ppt]

28 February 2007

Birkan Yılmaz

Solving State Explosion Problem in Analytical Modeling of Next Generation Wireless Systems: A Layered Approach [ppt]

  7 March 2007

Bora Zeytinci

A Combined Approach For NLOS Mitigation In Cellular Positioning With TOA Measurements [ppt]

Suzan Bayhan

Next Generation Wireless Networks: Smart Radios [ppt]

  14 March 2007

Gürkan Gür

TCP over Wireless Networks: Issues and Solutions [ppt]

Evren Önem

Constructing an Attack on a Secure Routing Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks [ppt]

  21 March 2007

Yunus Dönmez

"MMSPEED: Multipath Multi-SPEED Protocol for QoS Guarantee of Reliability and Timeliness in Wireless Sensor Networks" by Emad Felemban, Chang-Gun Lee and Eylem Ekici.

  28 March 2007

Ömer Korçak

Traffic aware beam management in next-generation satellite networks [ppt]

4 April 2007

Gül Çalıklı

Applications of Formal Methods in Computer Security

11 April 2007

Burak Gürdağ

An Overview of Marktoberdorf Summer School 2006 (MOD2006): Software System Reliability and Security

20 April 2007

Divesh Srivastava

Streams, systems and scalability
9 May 2007 Duygu İşler Cognitive Radio
16 May 2007 Fatih Köksal Multicasting For All-Optical Multifiber Networks