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I'm currently pursuing my PhD degree at the Department of Computer Engineering , Bogazici University. My thesis advisor is Prof. Dr. M. Ufuk Caglayan.

My current research interest is using computer-assisted formal methods such as model checking and theorem proving for the verification of security properties of MANET routing protocols.

I'm working for Argela Technologies as a software development team leader. See my LinkedIn page for details. If I know you somehow, you are welcome to follow my tweets on Twitter and to make a Facebook connection with me.

Besides, I am very happily and luckily married to the most beautiful dentist on the Earth: Gülçin Öztürk Gürdağ. Our daughters, Ada and Ece, who are of course the most beautiful children on the Earth ;-), joined our family in May 2008 and December 2012, respectively.

"Luck favors the prepared mind." - Louis Pasteur